One of Sparboe Farm’s core values is supporting our communities. We do this in many ways, including financial support through our community relations department, employee involvement in community activities and initiatives and by donating eggs to non-profit organizations.
In the month of July, Sparboe Farms donated 23,955 dozen eggs.

19,800 dozen were donated for the Fill the Truck campaign with our customer Fareway. The eggs were distributed to 8 food banks throughout Iowa and then went to local food pantries nearby Fareway’s stores.

2700 dozen were donated as part of our monthly pallet donation to food banks in Minnesota, Iowa and Colorado. This program has been in place since 2006 and to date we have donated 2.2 million dozen eggs.

The rest were donated to organizations near all of our facilities. Some of the organizations include:

  • Fire/police departments
  • Lake betterment groups
  • Lions Club, American Legion, VFW and Knights of Columbus groups
  • Churches
  • 4-H groups
  • Iowa Grocers Industry Association

Our donations enable these groups to raise money for their important causes, including supporting a school in Haiti, donating money to needy families in the local community, fighting disease and preserving lakes.

We are proud to be able to share our wholesome high-protein eggs with families in need.