Block and Bridle Club visits Sparboe Farm



On Friday, April 5th, 94 members from the National Block and Bridle Club visited our farm in Iowa. The visitors were college students from all over the country. Learn more about Block and Bridle here. Our team of hosts from Sparboe Farms made sure the event was a success!

Our Processing Manager showed the students around the processing floor, explaining to them the process of how the eggs come in from the barn all the way to when they are packed into boxes for our customers. Then the students visited our Quality Assurance Manager at the candling booth to learn about egg quality and quality control, yolk color and how feed impacts the eggs.

Next was our live production station where we covered some information about Sparboe Farms, the farm, and animal welfare. Finally, our Production Manager met the students outside and walked with them around the farm. He talked to them about our farm land, manure and water management, feed bins and ventilation.

A big thank you to the entire team at the farm for hosting such a large group and for making sure the farm looked its best!