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Playing it safe with eggs

FDA Egg Safety

What You Need to Know

Fresh eggs must be handled carefully to avoid the possibility of foodborne illness, often called “food poisoning.” Even eggs with clean, uncracked shells may occasionally contain bacteria called Salmonella that can cause an intestinal infection.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that 142,000 illnesses each year are caused by consuming eggs contaminated with Salmonella. FDA has put regulations in place to help prevent contamination of eggs on the farm and during shipping and storage. But consumers play a key role in preventing illness associated with eggs. In fact, the most effective way to prevent egg-related illness is by knowing how to buy, store, handle and cook eggs — or foods that contain them — safely. Click on the following link to learn some safe handling tips that will help protect yourself and your family.



Celebrating at the Litchfield Watercade Parade

We kicked off our 60th anniversary celebration at the Litchfield Watercade kiddie parade this morning. Henrietta hen and some egg friends were there!

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What an absolute blast at the Watercade parade tonight! 100 walkers having great fun in the sun!




Well the wind got the best of us and the Watercade little crow ski show was postponed but not before we handed out hundreds of free ‘eggs on a stick’ (hard boiled egg on a pretzel) and had people try their hand at a few fun games. What a great way to wrap up a terrific weekend!!!



Litchfield Independent Review Celebrates Sparboe Farms’ 60th Anniversary

Honored as grand marshal of the 2014 Litchfield Watercade parade, an annual community event in the company’s “hometown” of Litchfield, Minn., Sparboe Farms was recently highlighted by the local newspaper Litchfield Independent Review in “60 Years Strong as Member of Community.” President Beth Schnell talks candidly about receiving this recognition. Read the full story.

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