Sparboe Farms was contacted by the Iowa State Fair Food Department and we were asked if we wanted to sponsor an egg contest and we said YES! Our contest is going to be “Eggs Around the World”

Here’s the description of the contest:

Eggs are an excellent, affordable source of high quality protein and are eaten by people all over the world. Each culture has their own ways of using eggs in meals throughout the day. Sparboe Farms, your local Iowa egg farmer, wants to know what your favorite internationally inspired egg dish is! We appreciate your participation in our contest and your support of Sparboe Farms – you can find Sparboe Farms brand eggs at your local grocery and convenience stores in Iowa.

Rules: Recipes must use at least 3 eggs and be inspired from an international recipe. Entries will be judged on taste (35%) presentation (35%) and creativity/international inspiration (30%) with cash prizes going to the top 3 entries. All entrants’ recipes will be featured in Sparboe’s recipe section at

The Iowa State Fair is in Des Moines, IA and runs from August 8-18, 2013. If you live in Iowa, stay tuned to find out when our contest will take place and stop by and see what we’re sure will be an amazing bunch of entries!