Today the below message ran in the Independent Review – the local paper in our hometown, Litchfield, MN.

Finally, after another long Minnesota winter, spring is just around the corner. This week, bunnies, baskets and eggs are top of mind as families prepare for Easter. Eggs are always on our mind at Sparboe Farms!

At Easter, when many families are purchasing eggs for Easter activities, we make sure there are plenty of farm fresh eggs for our customers to color and enjoy. Our hens and employees work hard to keep eggs on grocery store shelves all across the Midwest and we appreciate our loyal customers who choose to buy local eggs from Sparboe Farms.

Sparboe Farms was founded in 1954, and like Litchfield, we have changed and grown over six decades. We support local businesses and employ over 100 people in central Minnesota. We strive to be a good neighbor through responsible farming practices and environmental stewardship.

Over the years, we have contributed to the Litchfield community in many ways. We have also donated millions of eggs to food shelves throughout Minnesota, Iowa and Colorado through our monthly pallet donations. Organizations like Feeding America constantly seek egg donations since eggs are a wonderful, low cost source of protein.

Farmers today (including those farmers in the Litchfield community) are producing more quality food, using fewer resources than ever before. For example, in one year, the Prairie Farm in Litchfield produced enough eggs to feed nearly 1.5 million people in Minnesota. The manure from our farms is used as fertilizer for local crops, and in turn, we buy our chicken feed from a local mill.

Our commitment to Litchfield is clear as we reinvest in our Prairie Farm on east U.S. Highway 12, which was originally constructed 40 years ago. This multi-year, multi-million dollar project began in 2011 with the construction of a water treatment plant that treats wash water from our farm and our reinvestment does not end there.

You may have noticed that some of the original barns have been demolished. This is to make room for the first new barn, which will be one of the most modern hen housing systems in Minnesota. The new farm will have improved work spaces for our employees and enhanced housing for our hens. The renovations are being designed with best in class plans for food safety, the environment, and energy efficiency. We are very excited about these big changes at the Prairie Farm.

We want to wish you a happy Easter, and as you get together this holiday weekend, we hope you enjoy dyeing, decorating and eating eggs with your family!

Beth Schnell

President of Sparboe Farms

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