At Sparboe Companies, the shell eggs we produce are nothing without our quality assurance team. This group of experts ensure the food we share with families meets our high standards. In addition to a host of government regulations, we also set our own bar when it comes to food safety. Discover what quality means to us:

We have higher standards

When it comes to quality, we’re not just packing cartons for stores and restaurants. Our quality team embodies the voice of the customer. Along with USDA regulatory requirements, we have many of our own certifications that show our commitment to safe food:

Food Safety and Quality Policy Statement

Sparboe Companies is committed to supplying safe and quality food by establishing, implementing and monitoring food safety/quality practices that meet customers’ expectations and regulatory requirements. We strive for continuous improvement in our mission of feeding families ~ enriching lives.

We work in a quality-focused culture

Team members at every Sparboe Companies farm prioritize quality. Keeping food safe is a collective effort and requires a host of standard operating procedures to be top-of-mind. Below are some of the processes we care about most:

  • Following Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Cleaning/Sanitation
  • Ongoing training programs
  • Environmental monitoring


We value passion, respect, family, courage, integrity, and stewardship.