Chelsea, Production Lead

When Chelsea K. joined Sparboe Companies in 2015, she knew one thing: She was ready to learn everything she could about egg production. Born and raised in Fort Lupton, CO, it took Chelsea some time to discover what kind of career she wanted. She attended Metro State University after high school and explored a variety of topics, including biology and art. “I wasn’t feeling passionate about what I was learning,” she said. In 2013, Chelsea decided to return to her home town and attend community college. There, her college advisor introduced her to the many [...]

Ryan, Processing Manager

When it comes to liquid, dried and pasteurized eggs, Ryan knows just about everything. As a Further Processing Manager at Sparboe’s egg product facility in New Hampton, Ryan oversees operations in the can-off, dryer, tanker bay, pasteurization and ESL (extended shelf life) departments. And while today he manages more than 70 team members, his job at Sparboe started small. Born and raised in Hawkeye, IA, Ryan discovered Sparboe Companies as a Junior in high school in 1999. “I was looking for a job and I came across Sparboe,” he recalled. “I had no idea what they did, but [...]


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